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British 15th Light Dragoons (Hussar) of early & late Pennisula and Waterloo


The recreated Maryland Light Dragoons (MdLD) shares the regimental uniform cut and coloring with the British 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars) and the 16th Light Dragoons (slight difference), and has used the details of the 15th LD (Hussar) other ranks’ dolman (coatee) to fill in for not-yet-available details of the MdLD officer’s coat.  Thereby, the same dolman, with differing accessories, serves as MdLD officer (1810-1815), 15th LD (Hussar) enlisted (1808-1815) and 16th LD enlisted (1808-1813).  There are two living history units that specialize in 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars):


XVth Light Dragoons (Hussars) of Great Britain


Four members of XVth Hussars at Corruna 2004 event, led by Captain Potts


15th Light Dragoons (Hussars) of Ohio, USA


Two members of 15th Hussars (in late Peninsular red shakos), led by Sergeant Hall


MdLD is particularly grateful to Ken Hall of the Ohio-based 15th for aid and friendship in research, and as MdLD fills out the necessary accessories to our existing dolmans and other gear, we look forward to participating with the 15th in Napoleonic era events on occasion.


We found the following uniform references of particular utility…


Waterloo Uniforms: 1. British Cavalry, by John Mollo, a Historical Research Unit Publication, 1973

Wellington’s Light Cavalry (Osprey Men-at-Arms Series #126), by Bryan Fosten, 1982

Charles Hamilton Smith’s 1812 Paintings of British uniforms (there is one of the 15th)



10th LD (Hussars) at Corunna, Spain 1808-1809


Note: while MdLD has had to ‘fill in’ missing details on the MdLD officer’s coatee (and officers, especially of the cavalry arm, were known to embellish the regulations on occasion), we were fortunate to have excellent text description in the Maryland regulations and period paintings (though at quite a distance) for both officer and other ranks, and to have multiple detailed photographs of a surviving original sergeant’s MdLD coatee to enable a fine other ranks replication.