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British 16th Light Dragoons


The recreated Maryland Light Dragoons (MdLD) shares the regimental uniform cut and coloring with the British 15th and 16th Light Dragoons, and in particular the pre-plaston (1813) uniform of the non-Hussar Light Dragoons (ie the 16th) is very similar to our recreation of the MdLD officer uniform.  With the MdLD officer coatee and a MdLD shako, using our MdLD small clothes and weapons and tack, we can quite accurately portray the enlisted 16th Light Dragoon of 1808-1813.  For most of this period, the 16th Light Dragoons were deployed to Wellington’s army in the Peninsula, and they became in time quite expert in outposting duties.  This is admirably and in detail recorded in two period journals of officers of the 16th:


Diary of a Cavalry Officer, by Lt. Col. William Tomkinson (who was a Lieutenant under Captain Cocks for much of the Peninsular period)

Intelligence Officer in the Peninsula: Letters and Diaries of Major The Hon. Edward Charles Cocks 1786-1812, edited by Julia Page


If you wish to learn more of the professional aspects of light cavalry, you could not do better than to read both of these references.



There is a living history unit recreating the 12th Light Dragoons (a member in recreated uniform is pictured here).  The 16th Light Dragoons would differ in having red collar and cuffs, vice the yellow collar and cuffs of the 12th.  In the Peninsular service, light cavalry would wear stow the gloves and plume, and wear grey overalls with inside and cuff leather trim and a stripe down the outside seams, over ankle boots.  The website of the recreated 12th Light Dragoons in Great Britain is located at


There are several other British mounted units of the period for which the MdLD/15th/16th kit have notable similarities.  However, they are further different than 15th and 16th (somewhat on the order of difference as the 19th).  These are (with the main differences):

1st Hussars, King’s German Legion.  Red on blue with Hussar cut, but with yellow vice white cord and busby or shako.

Royal Horse Artillery. Red on blue with Hussar cut, but with yellow vice white cord and Tarleton helmet.

Mounted Rockets.  Red on blue with Hussar cut, but with yellow vice white cord and Tarleton (a cousin of Horse Artillery…).

10th Light Dragoons (Hussars).  For a brief couple-year period around 1811 they had similar uniform to 15th.  Before and after, the colors altered.