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British 19th Light Dragoons in Canada


The British had little cavalry in the North American theater during the War of 1812 except Canadian militia cavalry.  However, elements of two regular cavalry regiments were sent early in the War of 1812…the 14th Light Dragoons and the 19th Light Dragoons.  Only the 19th had significant mounted elements, and it was experienced, coming from a couple decades of service in India.  The Canadian website has two excellent articles on the 19th Light Dragoons in Canada, and we refer you to them.    General overview of 19th LD in Canada, with focus on the time of the uniform change, which noted author Rene  Chartrand estimates as being the end of 1813 and the beginning of 1814.  Thus, the 16th Light Dragoon (1808-1813) uniform which MdLD has created as a ‘galvanized’ impression can be utilized with some respectability for Canadian theater events up to January 1814.  However, the regimental distinctions are different, with the 16th having red cuffs and collars, and the 19th having yellow cuffs and collars.  We are not aware (as of Dec05) of a living history unit recreating the 19th Light Dragoons in Canada, though it seems a worthwhile object.


The uniform starting in January 1814 for the 19th LD would have altered to the plastron-styled one with shako (vice the hussar/lace styled with bearskin Tarleton that MdLD does).  This 54mm miniature is representative of the 19th’s appearance after January 1814, though one suspects that the Canadian procured mounts would be mostly dark Canadien horses.


image002   extracts from the journal of Lt Lang of 19th Light Dragoons 1813-1814, with commentary by author Adam Norman Lynde   Interesting details of deployment and employment.




There is a living history unit recreating the 12th Light Dragoons (a member in recreated uniform is pictured here, which is nearly identical to that which the 19th LD would wear pre-1814).  The website of the recreated 12th Light Dragoons in Great Britain is located at  Again, our MdLD “16th Light Dragoon: galvanized” appearance is very similar to this, except with red (vice yellow) collar, cuffs and overall stripe.